Stanley Frederik New Private - 1st Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders


  • Nachname:New
  • Initialen:S.F.
  • Nationalität:Großbritannien
  • Heimat:Großbritannien
  • Alter :19
  • Familie:Son of Charles Edward and Lucy New, of Islington, London.
  • Armeenummer:14688336
  • Rang:Private
  • Armeeteil:1st Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders
  • Abteilung:51st (Highland) Division
  • Angaben:It would seem from his service number that Private New would have been conscripted in late 1943 and given a General Service Number. From July 1942, army recruits were enlisted in the corps for their first six weeks so that their subsequent posting could take account of their skills and the Army's needs. After his initial training he would probably have joined the 1st Battalion when they returned from Sicily in November 1943 at their base in Buckinghamshire, prior to the invasion of Europe in 1944.
  • Verstorben am:18-11-1944
  • Feldgrab: Heythuysen
  • Ort des Friedhofs: Venray
  • Friedhofsname: Venray War Cemetery
  • Landfriedhof: Niederlande
  • Plot Friedhof: V
  • Reihe Friedhof: A
  • Nummer Friedhof: 13
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