Source reference

As researchers of the Military Memorial Monument, Monument of Tolerance, we are extremely grateful for all the help we receive in retrieving / finding photos and personal details of the fallen.

We handle this with the utmost care!

If we manage to find out the family of the fallen victim, we will of course only post those data / photos for which the family has given permission.

However, in the present time, a lot of data / photos come from the internet. It is then difficult, if not impossible, to trace the original source. After all, once posted, such a photo will remain on the internet forever and the image that then emerges is 'only' the most relevant search result and not necessarily the original source.

Furthermore, many photos have been in our archive for so many years that it is no longer possible to trace the original source.

We would therefore like to thank all family members, fellow researchers and others for the photos that we place on this site.

For the above reasons, there is often no specific source reference for a photo. If we post a photo of which you are the original source, please let us know.

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